Monday, November 14, 2011

Mens Scarves With Which Outfits?

Hi there... all of your choices seem pretty chill. The jeans are great, & now, which shoes are you planning for? The shoes can certainly set the tone for the entire outfit, and so... that could determine whether you'd like the scarf with the jacket better, or the long sleeve tee. The pants are boot-cut, which is cool - are you wearing sneakers, like converse or puma's? Or wearing boots, or loafers, etc? Are you thinking about wearing the shirt to fit or more loose? Sometimes, regardless body-type... tighter actually looks better. Of course I'm not meaning looking like your clothes is too small, but no one wants, I thinking, to look like their clothes is too big - just huge - either. I think, and this is just personal overall taste here... the jeans, the sweater (not looking like it's too huge on you), a plane Hanes V-neck t-shirt, the one that are a pack of 6 for $6 dollars, and some clean shoes, to match the colors, and that depends on your style - Some people like Ugg boots, others like adidas or Converse. And of course your scarf. That's what I think would look best, but regardless feel comfortable & wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you. Ciao!

My six year old granddaughter lives with her dad and stepmom. i just learned that he has been drag racing with?

her in the vehicle with him. I want to say something but am sure it will lead to an argument. He is a hard person to get along with, what we call in the south a red-neck. How should i handle this? I also don't want to jeopordize seeing her, but I do fear for her safety. I told her to not get in the vehicle with him anymore but she is only six and seems to be somewhat afraid of him at times. My daughter can't say anything as he and she get along pretty bad at times. please i need advice. thanks

Do you think its alright for a 19 year old to date a 31 year old?

I am currently 19, a male who lives around Philadelphia. My current girlfriend or significant other, whichever you prefer to refer her to, are dating and she currently lives in a place outside of Minneapolis who is 31 years old. She has two kids, a 13 year old and a 5 year old. I am in love with her and vice versa. She was married and now divorced and we have been talking to each other for quite some time now (about over a year) and have been dating for 4-5 months. In the next 6 months I have been planning on going out to live with her, and she has seen me here in Philadelphia multiple times so its not like I do not know her at all and have no idea what she looks like etc. We share so many things in common it is crazy and have been happy for a very long time even before we got together, now the question would come how did I meet her? Well, I met her through a friend of mine who was previously dating her and he had met her online actually. I had met up with those two previously and that's how our relationship came into play. I would constantly talk to her and originally started off as friends and now we are much more than that. Question to answer is do you think in a situation like this its alright to date her and do you think it's a good idea to even go out there to live with her? I already know that I have extremely deep feelings for this person but would like some output.

What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?

wow haha did you just see that for the first time? it's about as relevent as all the other questions on here so touche

Best method to prevent pregnancy?

what's the best method to prevent pregnancy besides abstinence? is it the pill or condom? Don't say a vasectomy or get her tubes tied because i'm 21 and she's 20. Not gonna happen...

I have a problem?

i guess im not really going to lose weight. :( ive tried everything. since feb22. i try to lose 30 pounds. i lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and gain it all back in 3 days. and trying makes me feel depressed bec i know failure will come. :( is it time to give up everything. ? i just can;t take it anymore. thinking about my size and food ever single day. i CANT ENJOy LIFE! i wish i never started to think about weight. :( i want my life when i dont know about dieting. :( i dont know want to eat because my mind is polluted with fad diets. REALLY! i've tried everything. and i end up munching. LOL. i hate it. i just keep on losing my battle with foods. :(


conscious means you voluntarily did it. like if you pick up your pen, that was conscious because you did it on purpose. subconscious means you didn't control it. you have a subconscious mind that controls your heart beats and breathing, otherwise, someone might forgot to breathe. =P and unconscious...i think that's just the state of being fainted or sleeping. don't quote me on the last one though.